Winter to Spring with Suede Booties

Happy 2017! It took me til March 3rd to speak these words on my blog, but I am back and hope to consistently account for my fashion finds and health and fitness trends for the foreseeable future.

Looking to the future (i.e. Winter to Spring), I recently purchased suede, gray Sam Edelman booties from DSW. Though it was the peak of winter, I still got a decent discount at DSW through their pricing and my rewards that gave me an additional percentage discount. Rewards programs create forced brand loyalty, but I’ve learned that discovering brands you truly love lets you go back to stores you actually trust, and get some good deals why you are at it.


The shoes are amazing, I got them in a US size 10.5, and they are most comfortable with knee highs tights to protect my feet, nothing thicker. I love the intense details, from the fringe to the wooden reinforced sole and the cursive Sam Edelman written in gold script on the inside of each shoe like an extra surprise. I saw dupes at DSW as well but when I compared the craftsmanship, I couldn’t sacrifice the unique details that made me feel like 1 million bucks…or well $80 which for me is towards the upper range for shoes.


Some other stores I have always been loyal to are American Eagle and CVS. One for fashion and trusted jeans for my tall, curvy frame, one for practicality. I never feel let down by either, mostly for totally different reasons, but the commonality is the amount of savings I’ve received from shopping at each store and earning rewards (or online mostly in the case of AE now that I know and trust their sizing). I’ve recently gotten into Madewell and signed up for their rewards program, Madewell Insider. I also have plans on checking out Banana Republic as I build my professional wardrobe. My style is changing dramatically -more, more, more neutrals and pastels, and lots of unique shapes.

Here on the East Coast things are warming up a bit, with a few surprise frigid or steamy days. I’m excited to rock these booties even more as the seasons transition.





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