BB Cream for Dark Skin?!

Since June I’ve been using a BB cream when I want lighter coverage. I first got it so that I would have a low key make up routine while in Trinidad and Tobago last summer.

Basking in the Caribbean breeze on the way to Las Cuevas beach

Close up of BB cream on my face. Taken after visiting the Hanuman statue and Hindi Temple where I got the red mark (a bindi) as part of the prayer ceremony.
Close up of BB cream on my face. Coverage is medium and it is not a matte product, you can still tell how oil I am. This picture was taken after visiting the Hanuman statue and Hindi Temple where I got the red mark (a bindi) as part of the prayer ceremony.

What is a BB cream? BB cream = beauty balm. It’s an all in one option that can replace multiple make up steps (moisturizer, sun screen, primer, foundation). Alone it offers lighter coverage than foundation but you can also add powder over it to get greater coverage. Because it’s so common in Asian markets, when it was introduced in the West there weren’t many options for dark skin. But as their popularity has grown, more companies are offering BB cream in a range of tones (yay!) and now without the skin lighteners that are in many traditional creams (also yay, skin bleaching is not cool).

I buy Black Radiance BB cream with SPF 15 in the shade Brown Sugar. This company caters to dark skin but there are SO many companies in the market that will have an option for whatever shade your complexion is. There are also options that can meet your budget. I buy Black Radiance not just because it comes in my shade, but it is an affordable drug store brand just like Maybelline or CoverGirl. If you have the funds try Smashbox or Estee Lauder. Some awesome cruelty-free and vegan options are tarte or The Body Shop.


Application: Initially I would wash my hands and using my fingers to apply, but to avoid the mess I started using a Sephora foundation brush (pictured) in a circular motion. I had to retire my bareMinerals kabuki brush but I definitely plan to buy one again to get that perfect circular application.

Verdict: I love using this cream, it was a great option during my on-the-go trip. I continued to use it during the rest of the summer in Arizona’s dry summer. But I absolutely think it was better for drier weather since it moisturizes so well. Trinidad and Tobago was very humid and my face did feel sticky at times compared to when I’ve worn it this past winter now that I’m back in Maryland.


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