A New Year and Endless Possibilities

Warning: this is a cliche, inspirational, “it’s-the-start-of-something-new” post. And I have no shame! 😀

So much happened last year but with grad school I felt like last year was a blur. It wasn’t an easy time at all. Being far away from friends and family, dealing with Arizona’s cruel summer and poor air quality (I had to get a prescription nasal spray!!), and of course the stress and exhaustion of getting a master’s degree.

But I have no ragrets… not even one letter.

Once the grad school journey came to an end, I was overwhelmed with happiness and emotion for the possibilities that exist now that I’m done with school and on my way to doing something great within my field. That is, once this job search comes to an end. *Fingers crossed*

In the new year I have a lot I want to accomplish now that I’m freeeee and can start adulthood (yay, responsibilities!).

1. Delve into vegan eating again. This goal will definitely have a ripple effect on my health and fitness levels, energy, and reignite my love of cooking insane vegan meals and blogging about them.

2. Blog. blog. bloggity blog. Seriously.

3. Get creative. I miss getting my right-brain activated with fun projects. I’m basically wasting my innate left-handed/artistic abilities. Time to get my Pinterest/Canva on.

4. Release my photos from iPhone imprisonment. Like my entire festive graduation… at this point that trip to Boston technically didn’t happen because Facebook doesn’t know.

3. Start a YouTube Channel (eep!). Obviously it’s already a saturated market but I love it so much and I really want to be more than just a fan.


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