First Impressions: Eylure London Lashes & Rimmel London Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara

Over my Fall break from school, I purchased two new products to wear for my Ugandan Independence Day look.


First, I tried out the Eylure London individual lashes. Pros: The kit comes with 3 different lengths of lashes, glue, and lash remover. The packaging is extremely pretty! Cons: I was excited to try out the the flexibility individual lashes give me but this actually just turned into a lot of extra time and stress and squinting as I tried to get each lash on. Sadly, I didn’t have tweezers with me since I was traveling and the kit didn’t come with a tool so I used my fingers. While I’m pretty dexterous with regular lash extensions, I couldn’t get the right angles against my lash line. Eventually I just gave up. Other issue: you we supposed to pour out some glue and then dip the end of the lash in the glue blob. But the glue blob start drying seconds after and I couldn’t dip anymore lashes in after 15 seconds. Then I would have to get more glue (what a waste). Eventually I started just dabbing a little glue on each instead of pouring out a blob in order to save glue. Verdict: If you are already skilled at applying individual falsies, this kit is great because it has a variety of lengths and comes with glue and remover. But don’t forget your tweezer! 

I also tried out Rimmel London Show off Mascara. HUMUNGOUS sad face. This was going to be my first time trying a new mascara in a long time, and I’m pretty sure that for eternity I will stick with Maybelline, the pink and green one, you know the one! 😉 I want to try Benefit’s They’re Real one day ($$) but I just saw this review from Natasha Sofia comparing Benefit to Maybelline, so maybe I will stick with what is cheaper and familiar. Cons: As you can see from the packaging, the wand has this little bulb part that is supposed to help with lift but it just really irritated my inner eye and got in the way. I prefer the tapered wand on Maybelline. Also, the entire thing was dried out! I think this is a manufacture/retail issue and I want to possibly contact them about it because perhaps this is a great product. When it is this dry, it doesn’t cling to your lashes and give them that jet black look. Verdict: huge disappointment. Huge.


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