Airplane Snacks!

I am visiting home for Fall Break and I had some awesome vegan snacks aboard with me to get through a long day of travelling. I reviewed them below for today’s foodie Friday.


Lentil Snaps: I am so in love with the rich flavor of the tomato basil flavor. I’ve tried a few others like thyme time but none are as good as the tomato flavor these have. They are pretty light on the basil taste though, which I like. They are crunchy, low cal, and have protein.

Barnana: I wanted to try these after I saw them in Akushika Gonenatural’s Vegan Cuts unboxing. They are organic chewy dehydrated bananas covered in chocolate. Yum! I wish they just had a light coating of chocolate and I think next time I might just get the plain kind without chocolate so I can enjoy the banana flavor. The company has a cool story too, check them out!

Kind Bar: I have had these tons but recently sampled the blueberry vanilla and cashew flavor and loved it! So I went and bought another with my own money now that I knew it was delicious. It’s refreshingly different from eating a bar with cranberry or chocolate, which is so much more common.

Larabar: Does this even need a review? These are so yummy! Just a few ingredients in each bar to make a fruit and nut bar (sometimes they add chocolate too). The cherry pie flavor is pretty tart though.

Hail Merry Raw Almonds: Raw foods are always cool and the flavor of these vanilla maple almonds was on point. BUT as far as raw nuts, I still don’t feel like I ever get the same type of nutty flavor that comes from roasting.


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  1. boycea92 says:

    Reblogged this on Watch Your Waist Mate! and commented:
    A great travel snack idea for the intrepid explorer, or busy Mum!

    1. debbieniful says:

      Thanks for reblogging this with the link back to me. I appreciate it and hope you enjoyed my post! 🙂

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