Desert living and skincare routine

I decided to stay in Arizona and work on my master’s thesis this summer. I must say I was really nervous to spend my summer here, I was told by a friend that grew up here that a summer in the Phoenix valley was like living in “a wasteland.”

My first week of summer here was pretty awful, lots of Advil to combat the total dehydration headache I had every night! I had just come back from 4 weeks of traveling to the East Coast then to Trinidad and Tobago, two places with plenty of humidity, so the dry AZ weather was brutal for me. But eventually my body adjusted and I started eating more salt. I don’t usually put salt on things so I had to be more vigilant about that.

Funny though, is how people think sunny weather skin care stops with dark skin. Skin is skin, and it needs protection! I was really surprised to find out that Bob Marley passed away from melanoma. He was very famous and of African descent (I hope everyone that reads this knows who he is already), yet people still think that having dark skin means your are protected from the sun. Here’s what I’ve been using to protect my skin from the sun and keep it hydrated during my time in AZ:

Organix Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Lotion

1. Organix Moroccan argon oil lotion. I love this lotion, it has an amazing smell, a bit of glitter, and Moroccan argon oil.

My favourite oils

2 + 3. Another favourite has been coconut oil and jojoba oils. I just put them on after bathing to really seal in the moisture from the shower. Trader Joe’s has the best deal on both oils if you have one of their stores near you.

4. Now to protect my skin from too much sun exposure, I just use a basic “sports” or “active” sunscreen from any brand. I just like the ones labelled with sport, etc because they are more sweat proof and of course at 108 degrees I’m sweating quite a bit!

Ultimate necessity!

5. My most coveted summer necessity is this Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm with SPF 20. It helps keep my lips moisturized and protects them from the sun. It has the perfect feeling when you put it on, not too greasy or heavy. I am pretty picky when it comes to lip products, so I was happy that Baby Lips lived up to the hype!



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