Vegan Beauty: Mini LUSH Haul

One thing I’m excited to do with this online space is talk about vegan/natural products, something that I try to stick to where I can as a vegan. It is definitely a process and requires research because sometimes vegan and natural items are overpriced and out of reach to the masses, including myself. But depending on where you shop you can get some great vegan items to cover all your needs. I use natural toothpaste, facial and body cleansers, and laundry detergent. In the future I want to go a step further with make up and nail polish. But one thing I’ve noticed I that there aren’t many options for darker skin in terms of foundation/concealer. Any suggestions welcome! Right now I just use MAC and I really love their stuff. 

Earlier this month I bought myself two things from LUSH Cosmetics so that I could mix up my routine. Spring has started and the month of March just feels like the right time for renewal and switching up your beauty and care regimen. They are such a cool company to fight animal testing and support green initiatives.


I got the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. It’s really cool and an actually gel mold and very wiggly, making showers a lot more fun. It took a while to learn how to use it so in the beginning I was very disappointed and thought I wasted my money. You break a chunk of the size of one finger (just about how much shower gel you would use in liquid form), stick it sort of inside your wet loofah’s layers, and rub it in until it foams up. It smells heavenly sweet, like dessert, and I sort of want to eat it… but that would be a terrible idea. It’s cherry-coconut flavored, hence the delicious smell. Also it is super sparkley and contains glitter, but I have not noticed any such thing on my skin, it would be cool if it did leave a slight shimmer though. Another cool thing about the “freshmade cosmetics” is that the tub includes a sticker telling me the name of the person that made my soap!


I also got a solid body tint in Black Stockings. The product description notes that it was made to suit darker skin (but works on all skin tones if you watch the informational video) and luckily I read a product review under the product description where a black woman said it is indeed a great product for her skin! Part of her review said “I WAS SO HAPPY WITH THIS. I’m a dark skinned black girl so when someone says bronzer I’m like ‘obviously that will look stupid on me’ but it looks amazing! I look glowy but not like I put anything on my skin.” I was so lucky to read that review since sadly so many products are made for only certain skin tones or don’t note that they work on all skin tones (like BB cream… which I would love to try but they don’t make it in darker tones, womp womp). This isn’t my first time hearing about black women and bronzer. My fave beauty blogger Patricia Bright (formerly BritPopPrincess) once mentioned how she loves to use an argon oil bronzer on her skin during the gray winters of London, where she lives.

This was actually made February 25th (Fe 25), how cool, it really is freshmade!

In all I love both products and I can’t wait to put the black stockings on my legs and arms once it’s warm enough for clothes that show them off. Yay for vegan beauty!

Note: obviously I wasn’t compensated and bought this stuff on my own. No one reads this blog anyway and if people do, my audience is probably myself and my 3 other vegan friends.


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    1. debbieniful says:

      aaw Jeff you are the best! I read your blog too. I wish I posted as frequently as you. And I agree, Drake at Art Attack would be epic!

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