Results on Tone It Up 5 Day Slim Down and next steps

I wrote a long post about this and logged into my account the next day and it was gone! WORDPRESS YOU ARE LETTING ME DOWN!

This sucks so much and it’s not the first time 😦 I want to blog and talk about cool things and life and happiness and fitness but this system is letting me down. I also want to draft posts in advance then publish them later. Well I guess the best option is to just start writing in a Word document.

Anyway enough venting. Just going to quickly say that the 5 Day Slim down was awesome! I got to eat a lot of food, all clean eating, and everything was so guided. Next step is to keep it up and follow the rest of the TIU lifestyle. Tomorrow I plan to wake up early, do some toning workouts as part of the “booty call workout” which is the early morning workout they recommend to revv up your body and metabolism before the day gets crazy. I try to do toning in the morning and my cardio in the evening, which is sort of he opposite of how it goes but my gym is so crowded that it’s easier to just get in some cardio and a tiny bit of toning there instead of attempting an entire toning routine in the middle of a crowded DC gym.

My results: I lost 2.25 inches off my bust, 2.25 inches off my hips, and 1/2 and inch off my hips. I’m pear shaped so it’s harder to lose weight off my hips. I also lost 5 pounds! My clothes feel a lot more comfortable and I’m excited to finally commit and make more effort with my nutrition and this plan that I invested money into buying.


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