Crafting and Making Wishes

I found this awesome idea on Pinterest to decorate a jar and fill it with all the good things that happened throughout the year since it has really just begun (but already passing by so quickly!). I love crafting and art and one of my goals is to get back into it since it’s a great way to express my thoughts and tap into that right brained-left handed creative bit I was born with!

I decided to use two triangular glass jars with cork (which I painted white, no pictured) rather than mason jars. I used two jars so that a second jar could have my goaIs for the year. I used glass paint which works great but of course now I’m stuck with all this paint that is only for glass so I’ll have to come up with some interesting uses for them!


The final product!

I had to put these in the oven to set the paint. It feels dry after a few hours but it actually takes 21 days to set otherwise and since I did some piping with the paint, I wanted everything to dry quickly. Really happy with how they turned out!

I really think visualization and positive thoughts are the best way to get things you want, work HARD towards all your goals, and cherish life because you can’t control every last bit of it.


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