Dinner at Rasika

My friend Sierra and her mother invited me out to dinner. It was so sweet of her mother to treat us and to finally get to meet and chat with her mom since I’d heard so much about her already.

We went to Rasika, it is an upscale Indian restaurant in the West End of D.C. The food was amazinggg! Being from Uganda, I’ve eaten a lot of Indian and Indian-influenced food due to the large population their and the blending of culinary flavors between the two cultures. But everything here had a lot of twists I had never seen before. My favorite was the palak chaat: crispy baby spinach with tamarind and date, the yogurt was left off. My other favorite was the butternut squash samosa with ginger and green chilies, atop a cranberry chutney. Unlike most samosas, these were folded into little pouches, like taking a napkin with a round object inside and tying the excess with ribbon (in this case the ribbon was a green onion!). I also had roti (a flatbread),  ghobi mattar (cauliflower and green peas seasoned with ginger and cumin) and enjoyed their eponymous cocktail of passion fruit, ginger liqueur and sparkling wine. 🙂

Sadly I didn’t take any pictures, I felt strange doing that and I’m not the kind to attach myself to my phone when I’m at dinner… real dinner when I act like an adult. But next time I go out, I want to be able to share it here so I might snap a few pics.

It was a great evening, I highly recommend this place! They have options for every type of eating style and 2 locations in DC.


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