Current Favorites

Sharing some of my favorite things from this past week, food and otherwise.

After a terrible start to my Saturday morning, I had a fun Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s day with my friend Hayden cheering me up! Has anyone ever had the orzo with arugula and tomatoes in WF prepared foods? So yummy! My fave purchases from today were:

Real and Wonderful (R.A.W.) raw red pepper herb crackers. These are amazing, they taste slightly cheesy, it’s weird, maybe it’s the richness of the nuts mixed with the red pepper. They also have oats, almonds, flaxseed in addition to different vegetables. My friend Hayden introduced me to them a few weeks ago when she offered me some with guacamole. I’ve been hunting them down ever since! They were pricey but I will *attempt* to make them last.


Eat Pastry vegan cookie dough. I think these are the most “authentic” tasting vegan cookies. They have that classic melt in your mouth feel of a Tollhouse. Also all your weird raw cookie dough lovers can indulge with these in case you are worried about all the raw egg you eat from regular cookie dough.

My newest and best new find is Trader Joe’s Southern Blend Greens. Yes I know, it’s just vegetables but they are super convenient and I’m extremely picky about how my vegetables are prepared and taste so this precut/preblended mix is perfect since I hate eating certain greens, like spinach, alone. I’m trying to eat more meals based on greens and cruciferous vegetables and trying out new greens has been a lot of fun. But it’s had it down sides, rainbow chard was a nightmare and I don’t know how I’m going to finish the bag of it 😦 But you live/eat and learn and then move on and buy something else! Maybe I can go to the store and get store credit it since Trader Joe’s is really accommodating about such things, but I feel weird returning a vegetable 😛 But I think I will just look up some recipes and maybe cook them down a lot more than I did the first time. I like my veggies gently wilted or steamed so they don’t lose as many nutrients but this chard needs to be eaten and not wasted!

Non food faves:

Reading PurelyTwins talk about their health journey and healing their bodies through food. I think healing through food is one of the best way to start and thinking about how what I eat affects me has been the best journey I’ve ever taken.

Watching BritPopPrincess‘s Youtube Channel. I just discoverd her vidoes a few days ago and they always leave me smiling and inspired! She is soooo bubbly and exciting (and gorgeous) and I’m obsessed with her accent. Her style and makeup advice is top notch!


Be happy people.


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  1. sierraschellenberg says:

    I think the canned (right word?) cinnamon rolls are also vegan. They are fantastic.

    1. debbieniful says:

      Yea they are vegan! I’ve had them a few times, soo amazing! You should check out for more vegan things from Trader Joe’s. Vegansaurus is CA based though so some things haven’t made it to the East coast yet (like the awesome vegan cookies sadly).

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