Seeing green: recycled glasses from ECO – earth conscious optics


Well I got into this WONDERful habit of leaving my glasses on my bed next to me, letting them fall to the floor and (inevitably) covered by something, then searching in squinted desperation for them the next morning.

And, of course, the habit caught up with me one day when my “morning hunt” ended with a nice CRUNCH as I stepped on top of my winter coat that was strategically covering my beloved purple and cheetah printed glasses. Welp.

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A New Year and Endless Possibilities

Warning: this is a cliche, inspirational, “it’s-the-start-of-something-new” post. And I have no shame! 😀

So much happened last year but with grad school I felt like last year was a blur. It wasn’t an easy time at all. Being far away from friends and family, dealing with Arizona’s cruel summer and poor air quality (I had to get a prescription nasal spray!!), and of course the stress and exhaustion of getting a master’s degree.

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