Winter to Spring with Suede Booties

Happy 2017! It took me til March 3rd to speak these words on my blog, but I am back and hope to consistently account for my fashion finds and health and fitness trends for the foreseeable future. Looking to the future (i.e. Winter to Spring), I recently purchased suede, gray Sam Edelman booties from DSW….

Seeing green: recycled glasses from ECO – earth conscious optics

Well I got into this WONDERful habit of leaving my glasses on my bed next to me, letting them fall to the floor and (inevitably) covered by something, then searching in squinted desperation for them the next morning. And, of course, the habit caught up with me one day when my “morning hunt” ended with a…

BB Cream for Dark Skin?!

Since June I’ve been using a BB cream when I want lighter coverage. I first got it so that I would have a low key make up routine while in Trinidad and Tobago last summer.

A New Year and Endless Possibilities

Warning: this is a cliche, inspirational, “it’s-the-start-of-something-new” post. And I have no shame! 😀 So much happened last year but with grad school I felt like last year was a blur. It wasn’t an easy time at all. Being far away from friends and family, dealing with Arizona’s cruel summer and poor air quality (I had…

Airplane Snacks!

I am visiting home for Fall Break and I had some awesome vegan snacks aboard with me to get through a long day of travelling. I reviewed them below for today’s foodie Friday.

Desert living and skincare routine

I decided to stay in Arizona and work on my master’s thesis this summer. I must say I was really nervous to spend my summer here, I was told by a friend that grew up here that a summer in the Phoenix valley was like living in “a wasteland.”

Getting back into blogging and an amazing Kale Salad

I haven’t blogged in so long but I am getting a bit bored with the daily grind and feel the need to get creative again. Hopefully I can make it a goal to blog once a week! Since we last spoke… I have officially been in Arizona for grad school for 2 months now! I…